Innovation ENJINE Challenge

Innovation ENJINE Challenge

**STAGE ONE WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED - STAGE TWO SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED** The winning ideas of Stage One have been announced - to view them and to learn more about participating in Stage Two, visit:


Helping clients help themselves!

Professionals "Birthday License Renewal"

Yearly Tax deduction for govt. employees with student loans

Development of Medication Management / Physician Order Entry

Uniform New Jersey ID Card

Principal Audit Clerk

Bring Information technology to current Industry standards,

Pay-by-Plate account Option and create a mobile App

Peer to Peer Trainings in Local Offices

Eliminate many of the Toll Free numbers to State Offices

Voice Controlled Command Functions

If PERS is fixable, do a pension tier buy-in/other reforms

Master Database for all Agencies

NJ Kiosk Express

Community-based competency restoration treatment services

Changing the payment to foster care parents

App - Taxation Conference & Appeals

Uprade computer monitors

Financial Institution Data Match

Follow IRS rules - M&E Deduction for pass-through entities.

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