Teracyle free recycle programs to fund schools or charities.

Teracyle free recycle programs to fund schools or charities.

What problem does it solve? This would not only solve some potential funding shortfalls for schools or charities but would help keep NJ clean by making recycling an incentive. Our environment needs all the help it can get right now, why not help the environment and schools at the same time. These programs can help keep tons of recyclable garbage out of the landfills. We need to make sure New Jersey stays the “Garden State” and this can help earns money for schools in the process. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Each government office building, putting the recycle Terracycle boxes on each floor of the buildings to make the recycling easier for each department to do. You can check out all the potential free programs they are currently running here: https://www.terracycle.com/en-US/brigades Programs like the cigarette recycling program could be placed outside each building in the designated smoking sections. Any larger recycling boxes could be placed in one location per building if boxes on each floor is not feasible. This program will show not just employees but everyone that the State of NJ wants to do better for our environment by promoting keeping items from landfills and proper recycling methods. With all the issues currently going on with our environment we need to do better not just for ourselves but for future generations. It has to start somewhere and why shouldn’t the State of NJ lead the way to a cleaner future? What is the anticipated impact? The impact could potentially reach hundreds of State employees who could then in turn contribute pounds of potential trash to earn money for schools or charities that benefit the State of NJ. Because so many potential employees and their families could be reached the impact could be significant. Also if a school is going to receive a certain quarters earnings they could then reach out to the students families to bring in recyclables to help raise money. I am sure the students and families reaping the potential benefits to the program would be eager to participate in it, therefore pushing more people to be conscious about recycling reaching outside the State of NJ employees. It would impact at least one person per floor, building or department would need to dedicate time to boxing up and mailing the recyclables. Also someone would need to be in charge of submitting for where the points should go and informing about the programs.


Our planet needs all the help it can get right now, why not help the environment and schools at the same time. recycling MUST be improved in order for our planet to survive. We can almost cure cancer and other diseases why not something as simple as recycling.

If these boxes will collect in school cafeterias, I think it would be beneficial to have big posters with pictures making it easier for children to separate garbage properly. There would also need to be dispersal of some kind of education for lunch aides & children alike for it to be highly successful in schools. (Separately, I know I tried contacting Rutgers a few months ago concerning all their K-cup trash & they said they did not have enough funding for recycling programs like Terracycle.)


I had not thought about placing them in schools. Though the cafeterias would be a great source, I agree it would be difficult for kids. I had only been thinking of state government offices so in the department office buildings. But I had thought if we put it out for the school receiving that quarters earnings therefore only having to dedicate volunteer time to collection that quarter like a fundraiser. Maybe if the earnings were enough from main offices to offset full programs in future?

I think this is a great idea. The State will be able to create more jobs and profit from selling the recyclable material. Above all, it will help save the environment and reduce the garbage in our landfills. All schools teach our children to recycle and the benefits to our earth. This move will not only produce $$ but will be a positive decision within our communities.

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