Innovation ENJINE Challenge

Innovation ENJINE Challenge

**STAGE ONE WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED - STAGE TWO SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED** The winning ideas of Stage One have been announced - to view them and to learn more about participating in Stage Two, visit:


Assess mileage reimbursement vs. State cars

Fast Track Purchasing

Cash Bonus Incentive to Decline Health Insurance

Communicating with Senior Citizens and Disabled Individuals

motor vehicle

Staging school buses at satellite state offices

Avoid redundancies

Unifying State Websites by Utilizing WordPress

Continuing Education (CE) Audit Unit

The State Budget should be for 5 to 10 years-not just yearly

LSW's as Clinical Consultants

More mobile applications for external access

Retro Overtime Payback Option

NJ Prepaid College Plan (NJPCP)

Allow every south facing roof to be generator of energy

Supervisor (Inspector 1) Codes and Standards, BHI

Listing of occupational licenses & renewal fees.

Create database of developed applications to share

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