FARR : Fully Automated Requisitioning & Reporting

FARR : Fully Automated Requisitioning & Reporting

What problem does it solve? Dilemma: T.Net is overwhelming. The administrative cycle is relatively inefficient and byzantine. Immediate Situation: As of today, there are 125+ different forms that has been counted on the T.Net page. This large number of work forms increases the red tape and waste. Requisitioning and reporting are excessively complicated, and typically involving a great deal of administrative deal and redundancy. Forms must be downloaded, filled out, printed, scanned, etc. Risks: Increased Inefficiency What is your solution and who does it apply to? Concept... Introducing a Comprehensive, Automated, Integrated, Employee-Friendly, Requisitioning & Reporting Portal. Solution... 1. Imagine that we get rid of all 125+ forms used for requisition and reporting to the various Treasury divisions and units. 2. Envision you only have one online portal that you use in places of the too many redundant forms. 3. Close your eyes and imagine you only have to deal with one interface with a few drop-down lists. 4. When you need to submit a requisition or report, imagine that you choose the destination using Dropdown List 1, then, you select the proper screen using Dropdown List 2. Here, the corresponding questions pop up and you fill in the blanks in no time. 5. Imagine you submit the form without worrying about downloading, printing, scanning, etc. Oh, you even may realize it was the wrong form... 6. Now, imagine you can even retrieve all historical data, track the status of your requisition, follow up..ONLINE..NO Paperwork anymore What is the anticipated impact? The ultimate benefit is making the state employees' work life easier in terms of getting timely responses to their issues and requirements, while maximizing the State's interests. More benefits include, but not limited to: A. Cost Reduction: no paperwork anymore. B. Productivity: less time spent on paperwork + quicker response time to employees concerns. C. Availability: Online, historical data of all transactions, requisitions, and reports, will be kept at no cost. D. Reliability: Accessibility and retrievability of requisitions and reports. E. Traceability: Related transactions and patterns are better analyzed and decisions are made in a more effective and efficient manner. F. More collaboration among state employees as they interact using the online portal. G. More responsive feedback on submitted requests.


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