Basic office amenities such as coffee or dish liquid

Basic office amenities such as coffee or dish liquid

What problem does it solve? Currently no office is allowed to supply their employees with basic amenities such as coffee or dish detergent. Something that's common and expected of a private industry. State employees have their own dish liquid or start 'coffee clubs' or 'water clubs'. Also, bottled water or water jugs since water throughout the state tests positive for lead. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Provide employees with basic office amenities to boost their performance What is the anticipated impact? More productive employees


Have a coffee cart from a private vendor that sells water and breakfast items such as rolls, muffins, etc. That would eliminate theft.

This already exists to an extent, many items are sold through State Use Distribution. Paper plates, cleaning supplies etc. I believe offices should supply small appliances (coffee machine, fridge, microwave, stove etc). Actually coffee should be supplied by the employee. Perhaps some sort of mandate that permits/promotes a basic supply list should be instated.

I support this idea about some office amenities. I'd like to be able to order items that would allow our employees to have what they need to make their job and place a happy one and not just what's on contract or constantly being asked why do you need that, we need a justification? If I didn't need it I wouldn't be ordering it, now would I!!!

This is nice, however, how do you stop some employees from taking home items? This happens everywhere and is unfortunately just life. I think if you let individual units order what they think they need it would be better

Laurie Salbego, I don't know what's the extent of the problem. I would imagine that theft in our offices would not be too common and that an employee would be afraid being labeled as thief as it's not something that people forget. Generic brands of amenities would probably help with the issue. How do we deal with theft when it comes to office supplies? Do people casually walk out with reams of paper or boxes of pens or pencils?

For coffee: I'd imagine using a Keurig offers a wide variety of machines and coffees (variety pack and maybe something specific later); it would also make the cleaning simple comparing to standard drip coffee machine. For dish soap: something that cleans okay but is not expensive I'd imagine these items could be a part of office supply order

I have been drinking the water at NJDOT for 20 years and I am alarmed to hear that the water in the drinking fountains may have lead. I would like to be assured that the lead levels in the drinking water are within the NJDEP and USEPA standards. Also, I would like to see drinking bottle spigots made available at all drinking fountains in NJDOT. I drink out of reusable stainless steel bottles and the water fountains make it nearly impossible to refill my containers in a timely fashion. Thank You!⛲

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