Require individuals to sign a "Life Certificate" every year

Require individuals to sign a "Life Certificate" every year

What problem does it solve? Helps regulate pensions What is your solution and who does it apply to? Pensioners should be required to provide yearly proof that they are alive to collect their pension What is the anticipated impact? This would save the State Monies that continue to get dispersed as pensions, after the pensioner has passed away. Families may forget to report their death etc. Sometimes, no one may have access to this information, if there are no dependents...


This type of certificate would be easily faked, and would be difficult when dealing with elderly and disabled people of not sound mind and body. Instead, having the state link up death certificates with pensions would make more sense, as they would then have to file an inheritance return anyway.

Why can a clear cut, fake proof way not be found? For Example, the document to be signed by a treatment provider? An online document that is first completed by the pensioner and then sent to their treatment provider to initial and submit to the department of pensions. The paper option can be provided with a fully paid return envelope, seniors can place in their mailboxes for postal staff to take from. They do not have to leave their home...

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