Electric/Hybrid Fleets, Transportation, & LED Office Bulbs

Electric/Hybrid Fleets, Transportation, & LED Office Bulbs

What problem does it solve? Reduces greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, & electricity bills What is your solution and who does it apply to? As agencies and colleges request new or replacement vehicles for their fleets or buses for their transportation services, electric and hybrid vehicles should instead be required for purchase. Additionally, all lighting in state offices should eventually be transferred over to LED bulbs. What is the anticipated impact? Electric and hybrid vehicle investments will not only reduce the state's greenhouse gas emissions in support of the RGGI program, but will also reduce air pollution that affects the health of our state's citizens. In the long-term, state bills may also be reduced due to the decreased reliance on gasoline expenses and reduction in electricity usage from LED bulbs. Let's make New Jersey government a leader in cleaner energy so that others will soon follow suit!




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