State Talent Bank

State Talent Bank

What problem does it solve? Establish a robust State Talent Bank that is maintained for State agencies to tap into when specialized skills are necessary. The Talent Bank would operate by allowing more transfer opportunities, or through limited engagement mobility opportunities, to fulfill unique agency needs. Allowing state workers and agencies the ability to match their unique skill sets with pressing governmental tasks would provide highly talented individuals to make the most impact in, and across, government. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The Talent Bank could be implemented effectively by utilizing existing State technology such as the SharePoint 365 My Site Profiles. Employee profiles would allow users to list their particular skills, talents and interests in a searchable database that agencies could harness to find particularly skilled individuals or teams of skilled individuals. What is the anticipated impact? Among other things, the impact would be to create a more diverse, skilled and agile workforce. By utilizing the Talent Bank among existing State employees, agencies could decrease personal services/consultant expenses significantly. As well as enable government to be more responsive to pressing needs and would engage employees to utilize their particular skill sets to produce results to problems across all of government. As a result, employee satisfaction would increase which would increase productivity and engagement.


If an employee chooses to submit their profile for limited engagement/mobile opportunities, but they already have a full-time position, how would this proposal come into play? For example; would the employee take temporary leave from their full time responsibilities to attend to the limited engagement? How would this apply to someone already working full-time?

Response to Kristen Comose: Thanks for question. There is statutory authority in Title 11A Civil Service - 11A:6-26. Employee career development. Or what about expanding the current Intergovernmental transfer program? We could work it out in more detail in Phase II.

Response to Leah M Mathews: The current plan does not include additional compensation.

I like this idea. How would the talent be compensated for these engagements? I foresee saving money this way instead of hiring consultants, however what is the incentive to the employee to add their profile to the database?

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