Retirement Incentive

Retirement Incentive

What problem does it solve? Elimination of employee's earning maximum salaries What is your solution and who does it apply to? Employees who have been with the state for the most years at the maximum salary levels would retire if they were given something extra to do so. These employees already know their pension amount and are not retiring. Lets face it we live in an Groupon, Coupon, and Discount world these days. In the past employees were offered X amount of dollars for X amount of years. A large amount of employees retired by taking the offer. This is just one of many ideas. What is the anticipated impact? Savings to the state in salaries.


Bonny Kelter The State should also offer an age "sweetener" to employees in Tier 5 who are younger than 65.

implementing a force retirement policy would be good i think. once an employee's take home pay equals what would be his pension payment that person should have to retire.

I, myself, can see retirement in the not so distant future. So, I say this understanding that I, too, will be impacted. I think people who are maxed out salary wise should retire as it will make room for newly graduated students just starting their careers. Let's face it, a lot of us are burnt out anyway by the time we've reached retirement phase. It's time we move over and make room for the new people who have the enthusiasm we once did and the fresh new ideas! :)

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