Shift Schedule

Shift Schedule

What problem does it solve? Reduces over time. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Applies to DCP&P workers, primarily ASFWs and FSWs. They would be switched to a shift schedule, similar to police officers. Morning and evening (suggested times: 8:30am-4:30pm & 12:30-8:30pm). Workers would shift every two weeks. ASFW would be split into two squads and be on alternate shifts. If someone calls out or is off, someone on their shift is sought to cover their visits. If no one is available someone from the opposite shift is asked to work for OT. FSW would be assigned a partner and would work alternating shifts but due to the overlap of the shifts will be able to keep in contact with one another easily. They have the option of trading shifts with one another and would not be able to take off the same week. They would share a caseload with one being the primary but would be able to attend court and meetings for each others families. This is meant to reduce OT by having workers be available during times when their families are free for visits, mvrs, and other meetings. What is the anticipated impact? Reduced but not completely eliminated OT. Easier ability to meet with families to ensure parents job security and education stability. Theoretically provide workers with stabilized working hours.


I think it would be nice to work four ten hour days and have three days odd, this would help with staff not being so overworked . Keep weekends off .

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