Targeted NJ State Jobs for Individuals with Disabilities

Targeted NJ State Jobs for Individuals with Disabilities

What problem does it solve? It helps disabled population reduce unemployment rate, obtain better jobs, integrate into society, demonstrate NJ as a State Employment First State is being proactive as an employer and being an example to the corporate America buy putting aside jobs for individuals with disabilities. The Federal Government has been doing this through Schedule A Authority and I believe we should join them in their effort. What is your solution and who does it apply to? My solution is to for NJ State to put aside Jobs for individuals with disabilities who are NJ state residents and have them filled through the state agency NJ DVR which specialized in assisting individuals with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining employment. What is the anticipated impact? NJ would be the first State to put aside job for individuals with disabilities through Civil Service Commission. That's impressive in itself , I have done research still no other state does this. It will impact the disabled community and other states may follow NJ example.


its should improved to provide Hispanic consumer with disability whom doesn't speak or speak English.

In your research have you found out the reason no other state has set aside jobs for the disabled community. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the ideal that NJ is a work first state that believes everyone can work. Your thoughts on this matter would be appreciated.

Disabled individuals have talents and skills that are over looked. Many autistic individuals do not interview well due to social awkwardness. However many autistics are very bright people. These people would be overlooked due to a poor interview. I am in complete agreement of setting aside some positions for the disabled.

I believe it is a great way for individuals with disabilities to have the same opportunities as any other person. And it should be open to these individuals because after all they to us for help to find employment what better way to assist them than to offer the option of applying for a state job.

Employers may have had a "bad" experience and are not willing to try again without extensive support (from DVR).

Most state workers are in a union. I suspect the unions would need to be in the conversation if onboarding/hiring practices would be different than the current hiring practices that employees must go through. On the other hand, there are many government reps that are given state jobs that do not go through the same CSC steps. Perhaps there is a way to create a "Government Rep" slot earmarked for those certified by DVR as having a disability that is a barrier to employment.

Employers should be more educated on the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities and in working with agencies like DVR to facilitate this process. Also, job carving to showcase someone's skill sets should be considered. The benefits are countless from the individual with the disability feeling good about integrating into the community as well as employers and employees learning more about working with various populations of individuals who are differently abled. The idea is feasible

I think that there should be a hiring category, where individuals with disabilities could apply for NJ State jobs. We do promote to employers that some DVRS consumers are ready for any given job, and that they are pre-screened by VR counselors. So there is a process already in place. This would require a multi-division effort and development of a protocol of course, such as CSC, HR and DVR. Our Division's role there should be essential in that partnership.

I am in agreement with Kristine Volz comment. This is perhaps why I am very passionate about this idea. There are very highly educated individuals with disabilities that do need help with obtaining employment. I have been involved in Schedule A Hiring Authority through Federal Government for the pass 8 years and had the privilege, thanks to the support of my agency, DVR, to had place many clients. Many would have not obtained a good job without the help of Schedule A.

I believe that The State could set a great example and benefit from hiring qualified workers through an event such as this. I would add that making part-time positions or shared-time positions available in our offices would not only help with the immense workload, but would offer part-time opportunities for individuals who are unable to work full time because of their disabilities.

Personal feelings aside by the author, having been actively engaged in NJ DVRS Federal Targeted Hiring Event's from 2010 until 2018, I found this initiative to be the gateway of opportunities for individuals with disabilities who would otherwise not be capable of getting through a competitive job application/hiring process. State and local government would have better access to an untapped qualified group of candidates.

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