Better Project Management for State Projects

Better Project Management for State Projects

What problem does it solve? Cost savings - bringing State projects in on or ahead of schedule and/or on budget or below budget. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Require state employees running large projects (whether IT, transportation, health, etc.) to be certified project managers. The State of Virginia did this several years ago - I saw a presentation - and in addition to requiring project managers to be certified, incentives were also offered to projects that were brought in on time, ahead of schedule, on budget or below budget. Here is a link to Virginia's IT Project Management Orientation - What is the anticipated impact? Requiring certified project managers to run projects, especially large ones, AND rewarding them for bringing in a project on or ahead of schedule, and on or below budget provides an incentive to the employees which results in a cost savings for the State and the taxpayers. These savings could be used for other projects. Agencies can have dashboards on their internet pages (as Virginia has done) showing the progress of the projects - schedules, costs, etc. By applying more focus on project management, we can compile lessons learned, etc. that can be applied to future projects so that we become smarter about more realistic project timelines, budgets, etc. for improved efficiencies and cost savings in the future. Some of these changes may require legislative changes, and may be painful in the beginning - but worth it in the long run.


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