Change MVC hours to better suit customers and employees

Change MVC hours to better suit customers and employees

What problem does it solve? Currently the hours are made to accommodate customers from 8am to 5:30pm. These hours call for employees to work half-staffed at the beginning and end of the work day. The busiest times of the day are in the morning when the agency opens and in the evening before we close. Most agencies have a line of people waiting to get in the door in the morning and a lobby of customers at the end of the day. At these crucial times of business employees are working only half-staffed. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The solution is to change MVC hours to have all employees working on the same shift. Presently the 8am shift opens and has to wait until 9am for the rest of their crew. The 9am shift has to watch the 5pm shift leave their stations for the day with a lobby full of people and less employees to help serve them. This creates tension in the office and divides the employees to what shift they work. A schedule change would allow for better customer service and lift employee morale. The customers would have their work processed in a timely fashion by having all employees available at all times throughout the business day. This change would apply to all MVC agencies across the state. What is the anticipated impact? The impact would allow for faster customer transaction processing times. It would also allow the people of the State of NJ visiting an MVC agency to be helped in an efficient and effective manner.


By changing the hours back to 8-4:30 it would eliminate over time and save the state thousands of dollars.

I couldn't agree more! The hours currently are horrible for both customers and employees. Everyone has the natural instinct to get here the second we open, they will soon find out that it is not worth it at MVC. Customers wined up waiting twice as long waiting for the 9 oclock crew to come in. It only makes sense we should be fully staffed from open to close. Its not fair to the customers or employees to have split shifts.

This schedule change would benefit customers in the agencies due to the fact that the agency would be fully staffed from open to close of business and customers would be able to get their work processed faster. It would also eliminate the need for the state of NJ to pay any employees any overtime. There would also be savings in electricity costs. It would not be a hardship for customers as they have many mail-in and online options as well.

I feel that this idea would solve many problems we have had in the agencies since the last hour change. Unfortunately it does cause tension in the agencies between staff and the hours not only cause mandatory overtime on Tuesdays and Saturdays (which costs a lot of money to pay staff, pay for electric and heat or A/C) but it also makes it so staff like myself (9-6 shift) have to use up our time faster for doctor appointments and things we have to get done especially if you have health issues.

Completely agree! The current hours, with a split shift, not only festers unnecessary tensions between the two shifts but also puts customers at a disadvantage. They come in when the doors open, expecting to fly in and out of the Agency, but "oh wait, there's only 7 people here", and not all stations are able to be manned. Likewise during the closing hour, "why are all these people leaving?". It's really sort of embarrassing. Never mind the fact that working until 6 is beyond business hours.

if you go back to normal hours of 8-4:30 with one late night state wide you would completely do away with overtime. saving the state money. anyone who stays late on the late night could come in at 11am. for many years employees have had to sacrifice family time due to the ridiculous hours. if you want better customer service all parts of mvc need to be open during business hours. closing the suspension unit at 4:30 or cdl unit is not helping customers who cant make it during those hours

In addition to my previous statement (good luck limiting me to 500 characters)... when most of us accepted this job, it was 8-5 (closing at 4:30), the customers very much managed to get here within those hours and were able to be serviced by a FULL staff. MVC wants to be customer oriented AND employee (family) oriented? Return to those hours. Match our convenience with many other states in this country and you'll see that what we provide to the customers is quite accommodating.

Out of curiosity, has anyone ever taken any metrics regarding wait times for all of the physical MVC locations by hour and by function? There's one office that I have used when I was in the Trenton area that is on my way home (back to Northern NJ) and when I go in after 5 PM, the number of employees out numbers the citizens looking to transact business. Perhaps overall staffing levels need to be addressed as opposed to hours of operation.

for many years I have missed out on family time due to having to work till 6. when we didn't even have any customers walk in the door. I cant get that time back with my family! hours need to be reasonable for employees. I am thankful for my job but I also don't need to be taking advantage of.

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