Fairness in the Public Workplace and Service Provision

Fairness in the Public Workplace and Service Provision

What problem does it solve? Most State agencies have their own human resources, contracting, EEO/AA, ethics, procurement, … offices. These Agency/Department level offices appear to interpret and or enforce rules based on self-interest. This lends itself to cronyism, bullying, and a battered workforce that would be much more efficient and customer friendly in a more consistent and welcoming workplace. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Centralizing many of these services would be a great first step to leveling the playing field for all stakeholders in the public arena. Human Resources functions should move to the Civil Service Commission. Contracting and Procurement should move to Treasury, and so on. Eliminating these duplicative services and providing a one stop venue for these functions should provide a more consistent approach to services for employees and those we serve. State employees would be given the same answer to employment questions regardless of where they work, and all rules could then be enforced equally. Potential contractors would have only one place to seek information rather than calling each State agency. The State is asking municipalities to share services, so we should lead by example. What is the anticipated impact? An impartial contracting/procurement bid process would help eradicate the current standard of legacy contracting. This would open the door to fresh ideas and allow vendors that were previously excluded from bidding on State contracts a chance to submit with a genuine chance of award. It would also lend itself to increased monitoring to ensure performance outcomes A Human Resources Office that enforces every rule equally would help eradicate the favoritism that crosses all Departments and allow staffs a safer, healthier, and more consistent work environment. Centralizing these, and many other functions would reduce payroll as many of the Agency/Department level administrative functions would no longer be necessary and are not generally held by career employees with underlying civil service titles. A level playing field for all stakeholders would enhance the lives of the workforce and the folks we serve. It would also help show the citizens that their tax dollars are well spen


CONSOLIDATION! YES!! 100% Supported. Eliminate nepotism.

Completely support the idea. In my 30 years of state service, anytime I reached out these offices for help, I was made to feel like an outsider who is asking for a favor. I'm in favor of eliminating the middleman by consolidation!

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