Test Mode for NJ Spirit in Local Office w/User Guide

Test Mode for NJ Spirit in Local Office w/User Guide

What problem does it solve? Time taken away from case practice and seasoned workers' documentation in order to train new workers on how to complete the various forms, requests, and other casework that is completed within NJ Spirit. It also minimizes the risk of errors being made within NJ Spirit and inconsistency of how information is documented throughout the Division. What is your solution and who does it apply to? If each Local Office has a user guide and test mode for NJ Spirit, this allows for caseworkers to have a reference guide throughout their own practice, as well as freeing up the time spent on trying to train new workers in each department. If it works for caseworkers, then why not have a guide and test mode for supervisors as well, to allow promoted individuals the ability to learn the various tasks that are part of their job requirement in a safe, learning environment. What is the anticipated impact? Allows new workers within each department to obtain hands-on experience in how to create, complete, and document the various tasks within NJ Spirit that are differentiated in each department without taking time away from seasoned workers in order to train them. Minimizes time spent and allows for errors to be made without effecting actual casework. Gives seasoned caseworkers the ability to have a reference guide on tasks that are not used as frequently to maximize workflow and allow for more time to be spent on the families we serve.


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