App - Taxation Conference & Appeals

App - Taxation Conference & Appeals

What problem does it solve? My idea is to develop an app that will assist New Jersey taxpayers in resolving their tax disputes at the earliest possible time. Based on the large number of taxpayers with pending cases, the issues of inefficiency and communication problems between taxpayers and the Division can be alleviated. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The solution I see is to create an app that can collect the needed additional information that will enable the caseworker to make a rapid determination, accelerate the compliance process, and also notify the app user with updates. When the taxpayer receives a notice from the Division informing them of their right to appeal an audit determination, he/she could then download the app. When the taxpayer is assigned to have a conference, they could search using their name to see the status of their case on the app, via secured identification (i.e. last 4 digits of their SSN, etc.) The app could notify the taxpayer of the scheduled date and time of their conference. If any additional information is needed by the caseworker prior to the scheduled conference, the caseworker could notify the taxpayer via the app. After the conference, when the caseworker issues a Final Determination letter, the app could notify the taxpayers of their additional rights to go to the Tax Court of New Jersey. What is the anticipated impact? The app could instantly inform taxpayers of the status of their case. The creation of a specific app would make the entire process of resolving tax disputes more efficient and transparent to taxpayers. This app will enable taxpayers to pay their taxes in a timely manner, without accrued interest. This outcome would make a positive impact on taxpayers’ perception of state services, and help to secure the revenue stream to the State of New Jersey. The concept of using specific apps could easily be adopted to other departments that would benefit from increased efficiency in their interactions with the public.


Good one Chung! If not an app then at least a website to make the process more efficient.

Hi chung, I like your idea, the app will help streamline our communication process for taxpayer and we can management our case load more efficiently.

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