Providing Day Care

Providing Day Care

What problem does it solve? Providing Day care in workplace benefits a lot. Firstly there is a higher degree of employee engagement it helps in improving an employee morale. In addition, employee productivity increases and lastly employee absenteeism and turnover decreases What is your solution and who does it apply to? It can be offered to all employees who works in state. The need for care facilities for children under age 3 depends to some extent on the duration of maternity leave. Where in NJ maternity leave is less generous, the need for non-parental care during the baby's first year or two would be more needed. What is the anticipated impact? It will allow employees to spend more time with their children during the workday. On-site program would allow employees to spend lunch and breaks with their children an allow new mothers to pop in for breastfeed


Great Idea...This idea would prevent having to stop multiple times before arriving at work and risk being late. It would allow time to be spent with children during lunches and breaks and breast feeding mothers may appreciate it as well.

Having a daycare is better for staff all around, those with kids and staff without, because whenever a parent has to leave early or can't work late, because they have to pick up their kids from daycare, staff without kids are the ones who have to constantly cover. This would help everyone be more accountable for their own work and thus it would improve staff morale :)

I think it would be wonderful. All parents concerns are for the well being of their children. There are issues to resolve of course, as far as impacting the work environment... knowing your child is right there nearby, being within proximity would be a temptation to some, but also a benefit as far as commute and travel. I think it should be attempted at some level.

Antonio Giaquinto I don't see any where that says this would be paid with tax dollars. Parents pay for childcare every where else, why would this have to be paid with our tax dollars just because it's in our work locations?

I think this is a great idea especially for staff at DCPP. We work with children and families all day along yet most of the time, the long hours we put in, we barely have time for our own children and families. I think this is a great idea to promote bonds within our own families and gives new moms the opportunity to spend more time with their newborns instead of having to leave them so soon. This could also alleviate coverage for employees on maternity leave because they can be with their baby.

Parents need to have a reputable and reliable place to leave their children with peace of mind.

Asking NJ taxpayers -- who are already pay some of the highest taxes in the nation -- to start paying for the daycare of State workers' children as well? I don't think they would like that.

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