End Vehicle-Emissions Testing Requirements

End Vehicle-Emissions Testing Requirements

What problem does it solve? 1. Cost:- State inspection facilities - per vehicle inspection cost is funded by vehicle reg fees and $13 million from the MVC operating budget (Source: NJ.com). 2. Time & inconvenience caused to car owners because of inspection requirements. 3. Emission inspection program is ineffective - New Jersey’s air continues to be among the most polluted in the nation as per American Lung Association reports. So, why do we still have it? What is your solution and who does it apply to? 1. In 2010, NJ dropped mechanical inspections requirements for cars to save $11 million. So, now either (A) Eliminate biennial emission inspection requirements for all non-commercial vehicle or (B) emission tests should only be required when a car is sold. 2. Get rid of all the state inspection facilities. So, now under option 1(B)- emission testing can be done at a certified private garages. Now, a vehicle owner do not have to get their vehicles inspected for emission every 2 years. 3. Currently, sales tax exemption (N.J.S.A. 54:32B-8.55) is applicable only to zero emission vehicles. Make this exemption available to partial ZEV (hybrid vehicles) as well as labor and parts for qualified vehicles. 4. 12 States do not have any safety and emission inspection requirements, such as AK, ND, SD, FL, MN, MI etc. Other states have biennial emission req. for certain counties/cities s only. Why can’t NJ can eliminate it? What is the anticipated impact? 1. With no State inspection facilities – millions of dollars are saved. 2. If emission inspection is made a requirement when a car is sold – the buyer do not have to spend time and money for getting the car inspected. The seller (including car dealers) should bear the burden. 3. If sales tax exemption is made available to partial ZEV’s, people will be encouraged to buy hybrid cars. Introduce similar incentive programs to help people buy ZEV’s.


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