Higher Pay Grade for Master and/or CPA employees

Higher Pay Grade for Master and/or CPA employees

What problem does it solve? Employee morale What is your solution and who does it apply to? Higher pay grade for employees with advanced degrees (MBA) and/or certifications (CPA) What is the anticipated impact? Motivate employee to get their MBA and/or CPA to get pay increase.


As long as the credentials can be objectively determined for a level playing field. Educational accomplishment like: CPA, MS, PHD, JD, etc. are examples. They are open to all to attain. Certificates, etc. awarded internally have subjective factors attached. Only a select few are given such an opportunity. Sorry, the latter makes for a not-so-level playing field.

There are already trade-offs on applications. Advanced degree's replace years of experience. Degree's in certain area's hold more weight for certain applications. Perhaps their could be somewhat uniform standards to be used on postings.

Employees with advanced degrees bring more knowledge to our workplace and should be rewarded for their earned credentials.

What about other Master Degrees? MS?

Sustainable innovation to see us through the 21st Century requires smart, intelligent, well-educated people doing what is right for their organizations, their branches and ultimately the people of the State of New Jersey.

What about those who have worked in the field for years, but don't have the advanced degree? There's more that one way to become an expert.

Since birds of a feather flock together, the experienced yet uneducated experts usually surround themselves with uneducated new hires who are also unexperienced. These new hires have to be "educated" by the experienced expert at the expense of time (=public dollars), resulting in a inefficient system for generations. More importantly, it ends up having the appearance of favoritism and bias. Educated public employees will definitely contribute to an improved and modern State of New Jersey.

I believe this is targeted to a specific population of workers in the finance sector and should be articulated to a broader community, (e.g., education, healthcare and community services) and not only those in the accounting profession. Those with doctoral level degree are rarely, if ever recognized for this accomplishment. We need to rethink this for the state as a whole. There should be senior level titles institute for those with years of service and pay to match those years.

I believe that a CPA should be a requirement especially in higher level accounting positions with the state. I have never seen an accounting posting requiring a CPA. I have both a CPA and MBA. A CPA designation in the accounting field is similar to passing the bar for attorneys. An attorney's worth is greatly increased by passing the bar. The same should be with the CPA. A college student with a C average can obtain an accounting degree, that C student will not pass the CPA.

It goes beyond the MBA, we need to look at the totality of state service and how we embrace education, (Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, & Labor are sectors in State Government). Those with advanced and doctoral level degrees are rarely, if ever recognized for this accomplishment. We need to rethink this for the state as a whole in terms education and E/E what really does it mean to service delivery. I am happy to sit on a team to think about ways to do this.

This would entice workers to engage in a higher level of academic activity which would correlate positively with their employment.

One of the main challenges would be the time requirement related to achieving an advanced degree for some, if not most employees due to their "life" outside of the workplace. Family size, economic growth opportunities, etc... The financial impact as well would be a cause for concern on both ends of the spectrum. The ability to pay for tuition and the time loss being used to achieve it may take away from someone's second source of income.

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