AFSW to FSST Pathway Program

AFSW to FSST Pathway Program

What problem does it solve? This program would address the high rate of turnover within the DCP+P local offices as well as decrease the time and money that is spent training newly hired staff, only to have them leave within a short time after completing the 1-year training process. AFSWs have in-depth and hands on experience working with children and families within the local offices and are keenly aware of the level of commitment required to be a successful caseworker. What is your solution and who does it apply to? This program would allow Assistant Family Service Workers to transition to Family Service Specialist Trainees within DCP+P without the typical application/job fest process. AFSWs that have been in the position for 2+ years, who possess (a minimum of) a bachelor’s degree and who have (at least) satisfactory ePARS may apply to participate in this pathway program. Successful applicants would be directly added to the matrix upon verification of their satisfactory completion of the criteria and made available to be hired by their local office for vacancies as the need arises. What is the anticipated impact? This program has the potential to reduce the amount of time that supervisors will need to be out of the office to attend Job Fests statewide in search of qualified candidates. This program would also minimize the amount of time that units are short-handed and cases are covered by workers with already full caseloads (leading to increased OT costs as well as an increased likelihood of burnout), as the hiring process would be shorter since AFSWs have already completed background checks and had their degrees verified by Human Resources. These AFSWs are already familiar with DCF and DCP+P structure, policies and procedures, and the office culture. Management, supervisors and peers are already familiar with these AFSW’s capabilities, work ethic and ability to work with children and families. This pathway program would help to reduce the turnover rates amongst FSS, which will in turn lower the department’s training costs overall.


I think this is a good idea after the AFSW has obtained or has a bachelors degree and a specific amount of time in the AFSW position.

The educational requirement should be the same as being hired as a FSS trainee.

I think this is amazing and it’s been a long time coming. We have so many wonderful AFSW’s that know and love the families as much as the Workers. Some AFSW’s know the families more than the worker and creates great bonds.

I think it's a great Idea for those who want to move up in their position.

Another good reason to promote from within. An excellent way to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars! AFSWs have the advantage of already possessing knowledge in the basics of the dept's work. They only need specialized training for their new responsibilities. Bring the "newbies" in at the AFSW level. I can only imagine the boost in employee morale! I'd love to see this kind of promotion strategy throughout all of NJ state government.

This is an amazing idea i believe AFSWs will make great workers as they build relationships with the families and have much experience this will make the company very successful.

I believe this is a great idea and the state should always look to hire AFSW with degrees. However, it has been some cases where AFSW'S completed an application again and went to the job fest to become a worker and were denied a position. It seems like when the state hires people who come out of college into the worker position they leave because they have no idea what the job is really like and that leads to a high turnover rate.

I find this to be a great opportunity for AFSW’s who would like the opportunity to advance to Caseworker position. We are already familiar and well aware of what the job entails. AFSW’s work regularly alongside Caseworkers and are trained to handle the high levels of work loads in addition to being familiar with clients and how to assist them. Training AFSW’s will lead to lesser turnover rates and less time for training thus making our department more productive and a stronger foundation.

This is a wonderful idea because for the most part people who enter into the division as an AFSW use that position to get their foot into the door. This will not only help the process for them, but it will also provide experience and information that AFSW will need to progress.

AFSW's are one of the best assets within the division and are under used. I think this is a great idea to motivate those in that position to look to grow and to continue to expand their horizons in being a team player for the benefit of the families being served. I hope this takes place!

This is a great idea and opportunity for those wanting to move up. Its unfortunate that AFSWs have to go through the process all over again just to be put back on the matrix. I hope this change is made ASAP!!

Yes you absolutely have my vote For. This is a great way to advance in our careers.

I believe this is very great idea for AFSW's looking to advance in this field.

Promoting within is always a good idea to stop turnover. AFSWs work so hard and work closely within the system and with caseworkers. They know the system better than any outside hire could. Adding this will make AFSW feel less like a position on its own but a stepping stone so that the hardworking AFSWs can move forward in their career if they so desire.

I believe that AFSW that are maxed salaries are looking to get better pay and to survive the cost of living. because our potential to move up was taken away from us we are essentially stuck in our position.

I am for the move for many reasons. One being it will be a great promotion from within for any qualified AFSW. Giving an AFSW room for growth would be a great attribute instead of being a glassdoor business. Like most people already mentioned, AFSW have great insight on the type of work and dedication it takes to be a Caseworker. By the ASFW being knowledgeable of the type of families and cases the department handles, it should reverse the turnaround rate. Those thoughts were amongst many more.

This would be a great idea for AFSW's. Gives us an opportunity to grow in this field. As AFSW, we have frequent contact with children and their families. We have the background knowledge and enjoy helping others.

As an experienced AFSW I feel like this is an excellent idea for us to get grandfathered in. For one we already have the experience and knowledge working with children and families. It would also benefit most offices because the afsw already has knowledge of most of the families.The turn over rate would also be incredible because we already know what the job is about. Needless to say please give it a try it’s 2019 we cannot live off of 32k salary.

If the Mission of the NJ Civil Service Commission pertains to State government as a whole rather than specifically to itself, this idea is one way to uphold that Mission. Taken from NJ CSC website: "The Core Mission of the Civil Service Commission is to advance NJ government with fair and efficient human resources responsive to the needs of the Civil Service workforce."

AFSW's should be allowed officially to attend 4 years college after they have served the department at least for 2 years. After college, they should be considered first before newbies. Why? AFSW knows the department's culture, the families we serve and can engage them 1st hand, they supervise visits, take part in family team meetings, are familiar with the departments shared vision and mission, provide client relations service, can gather social information from clients and transport kidssafely

I support this and would like to vote For!

I think it's a great idea to have a program to where AFSW's want to become a worker. It gives the AFSW the option to move up. I also think it is definitely cost affective to hire within and workers who already of knowledge of how the DCP&P system works

The impact of this program will provide the state immediate cost and time savings with regards to the search for qualified candidates to fill the void with in the ranks of the DCPP staff. DCF once had a career ladders program that provided an avenue for AFSW to transition from Assistants to Case managers through education and training. This pathway program would provide promotional opportunities for currently employed state workers to move to a position that would quickly benefit the department.

I feel that AFSW's have first hand experience. Don't just use the AFSW with the degree. You have a lot of AFSW's that have years experience with LIFE, and working on the job. Some AFSW's older than the case worker. So some of the seasoned AFSW's have and can add more VALUE within the division of how life is really lived and what is really manageable and maintainable for the families.

I agree this would be great opportunity for AFSWs who are looking to advance in their career. Many of the AFSWs have many years of experience with working in this division. I believe that many AFSWs will do great in a FSST position due to the experience we have with family and the community.

I believe this is an incredible idea for those AFSW's looking to move up. AFSW's have frequent contact with our children and families and know firsthand the importance of the work Case Managers do and know the in's and out's of DCPP. Anyone looking for a promotion from AFSW to FSST already has the knowledge and familiarity with the system to make an informed decision on the position.

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