Use Grants to Help College Graduates Find Jobs in NJ

Use Grants to Help College Graduates Find Jobs in NJ

What problem does it solve? Imagine going to college for two or four years only to find you can't get a job when you graduate because your degree is not in demand in New Jersey. Many NJ college graduates face this dilemma every year and wind up unemployed, underemployed, back in school, or having to move away to find work in their field. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Colleges are starting to provide prospective students with more information about what they can expect from their college investment upon graduation but New Jersey can do more. Scholarship-granting agencies can work with the Department of Labor to encourage more students to take up studies in fields where they have more job opportunities upon graduation. Grants can be made more available for high demand careers and more competitive for low demand careers. Continuation of the grant could be dependent upon continuing in the agreed program. Detractors may say that this type of program takes away choice, but this is not the case. Some students will pursue their dream vocation regardless of the obstacles or cost. This plan addresses the very real scarcity of grant resources and the needs of the state workforce. What is the anticipated impact? As a life long career NJ educator I've seen the power of school in helping students set a course for success. Some students will be bound for excellence in whatever their chosen field and many will not need financial support. Other students who need assistance with paying for school may also need direction toward the jobs that New Jersey needs to fill. Working hard only to be met with failure in being able to start a career can be devastating to young people. This plan would lead to graduates not wasting valuable time and taxpayer resources and many more staying in NJ.


Before entering a career choice, does one not check the demand in that field prior to doing so..? How about NJ stops chasing employers and certain business away.

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