NJ Resident 360 ..Achieving A single view of NJ resident

NJ Resident 360 ..Achieving  A single view of  NJ resident

What problem does it solve? Stage agencies often turn to IT sector to come up with a creative, cost-effective solution for the intransigent problems like meeting increased demand for services in light of shrinking budgets, create a comprehensive view of the clients to understand information like How many unique citizens are served by the department? Which services are used by a particular citizen? Which citizens consume the most services, and at what cost? How to provide clients access to an integrated set of services. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Imagine the situation where a person's demographic, Employment, Legal involvement, Legal Status, tax information, information regarding various state services avail by the individual is available at a fingertip. In other word achieving a unified or 360-degree view of the taxpayer or citizen.Addressing the issue of ever growing vet flawed data could help in delivering these services in a cohesive way involves uniting a diverse base of people, processes, systems, and agencies. Connecting independent data sources (could be across various agencies OR within the same agency), identifying common relationships, transforms inconsistent, duplicate, and conflicting data into the single best version of the truth - Establishing Master Records (Master Data Management) Single View using single pane of glass and presenting accurate information to serve an intended business purpose. This solution is can be used by any agency in the state by connecting to Master data. What is the anticipated impact? Single view of the citizen by accurate, consistent, reliable, and ambiguity-free data and information can boost evidence-based public policy making /business process to work seamlessly to support client, staff and management needs because this approach increases visibility into the services, transactions, and events associated with an individual person, entity or group. Cost saving through data consolidation, selective de-duplication, and fraud detection and prevention. Simplifications of systems


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