State Use Industries Program (Deptcor) and Agri-Industries

State Use Industries Program (Deptcor) and Agri-Industries

What problem does it solve? Fiscal waste by supporting programs that are not self sustaining. Both programs cost more to produce products that private industry can supply for a lot less money and better quality. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Due away with the Deptcor and Agri-Industries programs that require state agencies to purchase products that are produced by them. By removing these programs the private sector could provide better quality products at discounted rates. Institutional trade instructors running the programs which could back fill or lateral into other open titles or positions. What is the anticipated impact? The annual fiscal budgets for all the State Use Industries programs and Agri-Industries could be removed from the NJDOC budget which is in the millions. The savings to the NJ tax payer out weighs the continual support of programs that are not fiscally viable or elf sustaining.


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