Web Portal to submit sales tax refund claims to Taxation

Web Portal to submit sales tax refund claims to Taxation

What problem does it solve? The current procedure to submit sales tax refund claims is by filling out a form and mailing it in. The taxpayer does not have verification that it was received.Taxation mail staff must spend time sorting the mail and delivering it to the sales tax refunds section. Sales tax refunds staff must spend time stamping the mail, opening it, and sorting it. The current process is slow, time consuming, and expensive. What is your solution and who does it apply to? A web portal would cut out the handling of mail, immediately confirm receipt of their documents to the taxpayer, and save the State time and money. It applies to the Division of Taxation and all taxpayers who file for a sales tax refund. A web portal streamlines the process and makes it easier and friendlier for the taxpayer, as they can go to our website to find out how to file for a refund and do it right there on our web page. What is the anticipated impact? The anticipated impact is to cut costs of handling mail, give taxpayers confirmation that their claim was received, and simplify the process of filing a claim.


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