DCF Tuition Reimbursement for non-Social Work courses.

DCF Tuition Reimbursement for non-Social Work courses.

What problem does it solve? It would reduce the turnover rate as it would create an additional incentive for DCF staff to remain within the agency. DCF should invest in its own staff by providing a tuition reimbursement program for other specialties other than social work-related subjects, such as in government business related courses like the CPM (Certified Public Managers) course. It would allow DCF to diversify its staff in multiple specialties and allow them to combine their learned skills. What is your solution and who does it apply to? By providing tuition reimbursement, the agency can attract talent, slow the turnover rate by providing a service year for year contract for tuition being paid. Offer employees opportunities to return to college for additional training in other areas used by the department of Children and Families, not just in the field of social work. Business related jobs and other specialties go hand in hand and are crucial to the functionality of the department with the ever-changing federal program enhancements. What is the anticipated impact? By providing additional talent in the field of business and others to DCF staff, it can enhance those staff members who were previous case workers to learn about the other aspects that are used in the agency, while already applying some background of the importance of the “customer” that is ultimately being served. With provided tuition reimbursement the agency can keep its own talent by promoting from within the agency when new degrees, skills have been achieved by its own employees.


Great idea!

I think this is a great idea!

Thank you Susan for suggesting this idea. It would be great for staff to have the opportunity to advance within the Division. It should be a program offered to all staff including clerical. I have completed 63 credits towards Business Administration & would love to have the same opportunities that FSS1, FSS2, SFSS1 & SFSS2 have. DCF should definitely invest in its own staff.

Rose Canini, Heather Sommer and Joan Liu thank you for your support! :-)

I would like to see this expanded to all state departments, not just DCF.

How would this help others working for different agencies who are occupying dead end jobs? For instance if a certain unit has no advancement positions, or if no one is advocating for advancement? This would deter an employee to seek a higher education because the cost would outweigh the reward.

Natasha Palmer, noted! Thank you for the comment. :-)

GENEVIEVE CAPUTO, the hopes would be that if someone participated in one agency they can take their newly developed skills to another in the State for a promotion. :-) Thank you for posting!

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