Streamline Hiring Process

Streamline Hiring Process

What problem does it solve? It often takes six months or longer from interviews to being hired in a variety of State positions. A lot can happen in six months. If you are looking to advance or change jobs, this can be really discouraging to the applicant. Plus, there is often little to no communication between the hiring agency and the applicant, so the applicant cannot even tell if they are being considered for a position. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Streamline the hiring process. If an opening exists, and the agency has interviewed prospective candidates, there should be a time limit that governs the time to fill the position. Especially in the case of internal/interagency hiring. Often the applicants have been through extensive background checks for their current job, so what could possibly take another six months to discover? And if you have interviewed but are not going to be offered a position, HR should inform this candidate within a reasonable time. Further, if you are not even selected for an interview, HR should send you an email indicating this, again, within a reasonable time, so you can pursue other options. This applies to every individual seeking advancement or change, as well as every agency that is currently understaffed. What is the anticipated impact? The impact of this would be a morale boost to all individuals involved. Candidates who have been interviewed need to know where they stand. Candidates who are not going to be interviewed need to know where they stand. And agencies that have openings need them to be filled so they can fulfill their commitments to the New Jersey residents they serve. New Jersey residents need to be serviced in an efficient and professional manner. Communication is essential.


I am ONLY speaking on the hiring process as it relates to the phase we have all heard at one time or another: "its not what you know...". CSC needs to be keep a level playing field as that is one of its reasons for being. Despite us all being taxpayers this is heresy to some. If the process takes longer to maintain that level playing field--so be it.

Tommie Wyche, completely agree!

Yes streamlining the hiring process will help eliminate double and triple work on the part of staff involved in the hiring processes. Many times I have had to re-post positions/go to next candidate due to the lengthy process then send back for approvals from HR, Governor's Office and Civil Service causing more of a delay. Paperwork is handle too many times .

Agree with this suggestion. Often grants and funding have a short deadline but hiring the person to do the work can take up most of the cycle. This then leads to requests for carry-forward creating more bureaucratic work vs. someone being able to do their job.

Yes. The current, very timely, process is an impediment to hiring the best possible candidate. In addition, it leaves vacancies for too long where others need to do additional work and/or the person that eventually secures a position needs to spend time cleaning up the mess that was left from the vacancy.

I agree that the hiring process is too arduous. We often have to fill vacancies with temporary employees, often times they do not have the skill level to be productive and there is a large turnover rate. In addition, when vacancies occur the position's titles are sometimes downgraded and when filled at the lower levels, it can be counterproductive. (This applies to new hires and promotions.)

The hiring process is UNACCEPTABLE. Often times upper management already knows who they want for postings and applicants have no fair chance at getting the job despite their qualifications/experience. Also, CSC takes hard positions on eligibility. An outside applicant and a state employee can have near identical experience but a state employee can be eliminated because they didn't have the right title. Also, some people having waited years to be hired into a posted position.

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