Dare to Care!

Dare to Care!

What problem does it solve? Let’s make a conscientious effort not only to save New Jersey Government money but more importantly let’s reduce environmental pollution and increase human health by eliminating the use of plastic bags utilized in our individual working areas/stations. Plastic bags are known to be one of the top contaminants in our environment and their removal from the recycling stream costs us millions! Let's help the recycling and trash build up crisis by daring to care. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Let’s get moving and utilize the large garbage and recyclable cans in the common areas only. Collectively, state workers statewide can participate in saving millions of plastic garbage bags from being used which only contaminate our environment, disrupt and endanger wildlife. The change would easily apply to all Government entities. Each day (we) thousands of state employees walk into our designated work areas equipped with a garbage can with a plastic bag. Conveniently we use our personal garbage cans and at the end of the day the plastic bags get changed with fresh ones if they were utilized. This process occurs every single working day! Consider how many Government employees there are? How many work spaces we utilize and just how many garbage bags that equates to daily. The numbers are astounding. What is the anticipated impact? The change is small, manageable but impactful. The percentages of recycled plastic bags in the United States is roughly one percent. Together we can save the state money by limiting the use of plastic bags, making workers get up from their work stations, take a breather and get the blood flowing. Ultimately this translates to all good things for our health and the environment. Plastic bags are a pollutant that never breaks down. Let's move state Government towards the 21st Century by taking on social responsibilities.



All efforts to save the world should be at least looked into.

Garbage cans at individual work stations should be used for non-confidential paper only, thus eliminating the need for plastic bags in the first place. I assume confidential paper has an explicitly designated container. ALL FOOD trash should be placed in a common container in a kitchen area. An added benefit will be keeping rodents away from work stations.

I think this is a great idea, and personally do not use my desk trashcan, as it feels wasteful to throw a few small items in there daily, causing a new plastic bag to be used.

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