Translation Headphones

Translation Headphones

What problem does it solve? Servicing the New Jersey citizens or non-resident taxpayers can be challenging when there is a language barrier. If we were able to acquire headsets that provide language translations we can help these individuals meet their obligations to New Jersey without requiring them to call back with a translator who is often a child or another adult with a language issue both which cause communication barriers as well. What is your solution and who does it apply to? When a bilingual taxpayer or taxpayer who speaks a language other than English receives a notice or bill from New Jersey, they often call to ask questions or for guidance. Because of the language barrier, we are often unable to provide the assistance they need. This can result in bills going unpaid. Or it can result in multiple attempts by us to outreach the taxpayer in order to receive the documentation or information we need to finish processing returns or requests. The back and forth with phone calls and written communication costs the state money in administration costs which could be prevented if we could adequately communicate with these individuals. This will alleviate frustration for our public as well as they would be able to receive the assistance they are seeking when they contact us. We could also use translation equipment in our Regional information centers where we provide walk in assistance to our taxpaying public. What is the anticipated impact? Purchasing translation equipment that allows us to communicate with these taxpayers will allow us to efficiently service them. We will be able to communicate directly with them and explain what they need to do or what occurred so they won’t have to call back repeatedly to figure it out or obtain additional assistance. There are a variety of translation headsets and other products that could offer us the opportunity to provide better service to all of our taxpayers; both residents and non-residents. This problem is unlikely to be unique to the Division of Taxation. Other State agencies must experience similar issues. By using Taxation for a pilot program to test the effectiveness for both cost and efficiency, we could determine if it would be beneficial in other areas of our government services as well. By having the ability to communicate better with the public, our efficiency should increase. It would eliminate a lot of back and forth communication which costs the State.


Please include me in your implementation team if this idea advances to Stage Two of the competition! I know of a solution that eliminates the need for human interpreters and provides accurate AI engineered neural learning technology that can determine, in real time, which language and/or dialect a person is speaking, out of 120 such possibilities. It then progresses to perform real-time translations. The solution is inexpensive, radically effective, and can be implemented very cost-effectively.

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