Creation and enforcement of technology standards

Creation and enforcement of technology standards

What problem does it solve? Instead of each agency or organization going through a requisition process and having to negotiate with vendors on their own, mass the State's procurement power. Vendors are more apt to be negotiable on orders of 100 units as opposed to 2. Ever since EO 225, I've wondered why this has not happened - corporate America does this, why can't the State? What is your solution and who does it apply to? Standardizing systems across the board reduces support effort, improves modularity within the organization, improves resilience by allowing users to work with familiar systems in the event of a system failure, makes it easier for information security personnel and asset managers to expose and eliminate "shadow IT" and the threats that go part and parcel with it. What is the anticipated impact? Savings on capital expenditures, reduction in support costs associated with legacy or one-off systems, improves availability of spare parts and support. The Federal Government has been doing this for decades - why aren't we? As an organization of this size begins to lean more heavily on technology and the digital experience, moving away from an archaic, outmoded process for acquiring and supporting technology should be somewhere near the top of our transformational/evolutionary agenda.


Enforcement of language/coding standards would be nice, too.

Great idea! I'd like to be part of your team if you're picked for stage 2 of this competition. My expertise is common business software.

One of the primary needs that I see with regards to standardization within the State has to do with not only language/coding standards, but with SDLC in general. This goes back to another point made about teaching COBOL vs. migrating applications away from dying/dead standards. Ask the question - with the rapid evolution of technology, why are we still running systems that our parents' generation could have deployed, managed or implemented?

We do this now with certain products, but it would be nice to be able to standardize on more.

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