Pay-by-Plate account Option and create a mobile App

Pay-by-Plate account Option and create a mobile App

What problem does it solve? Drivers should be allowed to open a license plate account in order to pay tolls. This option will be beneficial to those who do not wish to have a transponder and avoid paying monthly fees. This will help minimize the cost of mailing toll invoices to those who accidently pass through EZ-pass only lanes. EZ Pass mobile app will be very handy to look-up violation, toll rates, option to pay through app. The app would provide information about the availability of cash lanes. What is your solution and who does it apply to? An option to open a License Plate Account to pay toll is a good choice for those who cross toll highways occasionally and don't want a toll tag. The LP account can be opened in less than 5 minutes with 3 easy steps – provide an email address to electronically receive receipts/invoices, a credit/debit card and vehicle’s license plate number. Anyone can use the mobile app to create a LP account. The only caveat is that unlike EZ-pass tag holders, LP account holders would not receive any discounts during off-peak hours. Toll violator (with no ez-pass and LP account) should be able to look-up violation on the mobile app just by entering their license plate number. The system should provide them an option to pay through app without a fine, if it is paid within certain number of days from date of violation. This will definitely help minimize the time & cost incurred in mailing paper invoices. What is the anticipated impact? This will definitely help create a cashless tolling system in the future. The option to create a license plate account, out-of-state drivers will find it very convenient to pay tolls whenever they cross NJ turnpike, GSP or ACE. Toll violation and cost of mailing the invoices may be minimized significantly. Those drivers accidentally crossing the ez-pass lanes won’t have to panic anymore. With more and more people signing up for license plate account option to pay tolls, it will help reduce the traffic congestion.


Hello Stuart- Driver's with dirty plates could get a ticket for having unclear plates as per NJ motor vehicle and traffic regulation 39:3-33. Anyone with a flip phone or without a cell phone could easily sign up for LP account online. Anyone who does not have a PC and/or internet service could visit a public library. May be a paper application with simple steps to enroll in a LP account may made available initially to help people with no PC, internet and/or phones.

NJ should follow the lead of tolling authorities like the New York State Thruway, the Ohio Turnpike, and others that have already implemented a cashless pay-by-plate system. An app is a good idea as as supplement. I don't think it can eliminate mailing invoices because not all drivers have internet access (however small that % may be). This system will eliminate the need to have "ez-pass only" entrances (as on some PA T-PK entrances) since the nature of the system is to keep traffic moving.

Stuart: In 21st century, advancement in technology can be used to reduce unnecessary operating cost and help automate the system. Under cashless system - toll money gets deposited directly into the bank. Asking the toll clerk for directions may create more congestion. With electronic toll receipt copy, you no longer have to worry about misplacing or losing it somewhere.

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