Eliminate "Brain Drain" with "Skill Fill"

Eliminate "Brain Drain" with "Skill Fill"

What problem does it solve? Inefficient operations - wasteful spending - unnecessary 3rd party vendor assistance - communication breakdown - poor public perception of state work culture - "Brain Drain" What is your solution and who does it apply to? Leverage the existing Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities (KSA) of all State Employees to assist fellow State Employees in governmental procedure, policy, & affairs. How? Survey employees/divisions/agencies & document self reported KSA's of all employees/divisions/agencies & publish in a private central repository. Create an internal "Requisition of KSA" by which an in-need employee/division/agency would request training, advice, or consultation on performing a governmental procedure, policy or affair. An internal system will broker the connection between the 2 parties by taking into consideration time, space, & current responsibilities. A pilot program can be implemented on a small scale for one New Jersey Department whereby the bugs & unexpected scenarios can be addressed for a Statewide roll out. What is the anticipated impact? Reduces the impacts of "Brain Drain", minimizes bureaucracy, develops inter-agency relationships, creates a shared culture environment, reduces red tape, shortens wait times, liberates 3rd party vendor dependency, cuts unnecessary spending.


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