Electonic Employee Benefit Pre-payments

Electonic Employee Benefit Pre-payments

What problem does it solve? Eliminates paper payment processing of benefits for employees on leave. Reduces possibility of benefit coverage terminations. What is your solution and who does it apply to? State Employees. The solution is to create an application accessible through the myNJ portal where employees on leaves of absence can make benefit prepayment directly. Currently they may only submit personal checks or money orders to their HR Office who then must enter into a portal to OMB and then the physical checks must be hand carried to OMB for further processing. This is an inconvenience for employees as well as an issue if the checks are delayed by the mail, the HR office cannot enter into the system and the employee's benefits coverage will terminate. What is the anticipated impact? The impact would be a cost savings to the state. This would eliminate a mail courier to take the payments to OMB. If the payments could be electronically sent to the Division of Pensions from OMB regarding the payments in this system, this would reduce steps in the process. Reducing all of the current steps by having the employee make the electronic payment by bank account, credit card/debit, would not only eliminate time and cost to the state but it would also be convenient for the employee. If the possibility of benefit termination is reduced, this will also be a cost saving for the state, as the benefit reinstatement process takes time and the work of HR, Division of Pensions and OMB to coordinate. It is anticipated through this method that this will be a smoother system for the payments and communication of those payments through all required parties. By processing electronic payments, we are reducing our carbon footprint and doing right


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