Quality over Quanity

Quality over Quanity

What problem does it solve? Evaluating our service providers in relation to family outcomes to explore the ideas of less pushing of services that are not producing favorable family outcomes and exploring the financial aspect of these services to give better services at reasonable prices. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Utilizing services that positively impact our families versus using service providers who do not demonstrate a pattern of positive impact on clients. This idea directly affects the families DCF services and can help eliminate the need for repetitive and inefficient services to our families. What is the anticipated impact? Decrease the costs of inefficient service providers and holds service providers accountable to the outcome of the services they provide to eliminate the costs of repetitive services and promote more positive outcomes for the families DCF services.


And their contract should not be renewed if they owe NJ any money or have a 2nd year of audit findings.

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