Revamping Hiring Process

Revamping Hiring Process

What problem does it solve? It usually takes months for the hiring process from the time of the interview to the start date. There are many qualified individuals would be a great addition to the State workforce, but unfortunately cannot wait the 6 plus months to start a job. Thus, there is a lot of talent who cannot afford to work for the state simply because it can take so long for the hiring process. What is your solution and who does it apply to? This issue can be addressed by implementing a time line that must be met. Create a 60 or 90 day turn around, where from the date that an individual accepts the job offer, the state then has either 60 or 90 days to complete the necessary steps and set a start date. What is the anticipated impact? The impact would be more qualified candidates applying and receiving jobs with the state because they would not have to wait unreasonably long for a start date.


Since tests for most titles already exist, upon interview, agencies can test candidates through a secure online portal. As long as the candidate passes, agencies should have the flexibility to document why they want to hire one candidate as opposed to another. CSC's opinions on the applicability of experience without agencies being able to respond is counterproductive. Also, hiring candidates who are then displaced by others who scored higher, but who have no experience is counterproductive.

THIS! the current hiring process does not allow the state to "acquire talent" only fill jobs. I do not understand the current procedure for having to have Gov. office approval to hire in our office. If you have an HR process, why not trust that that process can get to the talent that is needed to do the job?

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