NJ Kiosk Express

NJ Kiosk Express

What problem does it solve? I propose a state of the art kiosk office navigator (NJ Kiosk Express), serving regional communities providing agencies geared toward the specific needs of each township and community. It will serve to achieve two goals. The first goal is to provide access to implemented initiatives, services and organizations that expand outreach to the traditionally underserved population as well as increase partnership with businesses in New Jersey. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The second goal of the kiosk will be to overcome what is known as the “digital divide.” While for many in or our society the internet is universal, it is not often available to those who need access to the assistance provided by social service programs. With preset settings the kiosk can function to alleviate the lack of internet accessibility by being an open and available tool for all residents. An important premise to the accessibly of the kiosks are their locations. Many companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, Apple, Walmart, McDonalds’, etc. pride themselves on the mantra ‘location, location, location.’ But buried beneath this three-word phrase are the terms opportunity and comfort. By expanding Kiosks’ location, we are providing the opportunities to contact different pieces of information at the comfort of places residents already frequent (or are at least familiar with). FEAUTURES: SELF-SERVICE, TOUCH SCREEN, 24-HOUR ACCESS, FILE A CLAIM, DOWNLOAD /SCAN DOCUMENTS, ACESS NJ.GOV What is the anticipated impact? Not only will the kiosk solely, functionally be a centralized location for a multitude of document but could also be used to promote many social media campaigns promoted by the governor or any agency/department in the state. The kiosk can be incorporated in our state building to include (when applicable) field support staff, job leads, access to scan and print documents, file claims, downloadable forms, access to state agencies and a direct link to Governor Murphy and his staff to communicate New Jersey residents. As opposed to being an intake center, it will be where state resources can be readily accessible. Simple touch-screen technology will enable all customers be able to coherently navigate the information and services being provided. Centrally located locations for the kiosk could include, but are not limited to; malls, shopping centers, libraries and colleges. Since automated kiosk do not need a person to operate them, they can be used during extended/non business hours.


This is a very good idea. It would especially work well in the MVC/DMV. In NYC, the MVC has self serve machines for residents to renew licenses, registrations, etc. It's done in less than 10 minutes! They can scan the expired ID or look up name, approve address, prior photo, and done.

This is a great idea. This will help provide information and outreach to underserved populations, like people with disabilities. I can see how this will would work with the Department of Labor services, like Unemployment, Temporary Disability and DVRS.

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