Yearly Raises Based on Inflation

Yearly Raises Based on Inflation

What problem does it solve? It boosts employee morale and prevents those who have not gotten raises in over a decade from having to look for outside part-time employment or for the talented, seasoned staff to leave for lack of appropriate compensation. What is your solution and who does it apply to? To take a look at the salaries within all divisions and provide inflation-based raises to those employees who have not gotten a raise in longer than three years. Employees who have not received a raise in longer than five years should be retroactively compensated based on the inflation for the year in question. What is the anticipated impact? Boost employee morale, prevent good, talented people from going elsewhere to obtain higher compensation, increase productivity.


I think this idea reasonably addresses an important factor to increasing employee morale and ensure that experience employees will be in place to help in the training and development of future leadership.

This solution is already being implemented through collective bargaining with State Employee Unions such as CWA, which recently approved a contract with the State that gives employees a 2% raise every year for the next four years. If anything, this idea would be better suited for Managers and other unclassified employees as they are non-unionzed who serve at the pleasure of the Commissioners/Governor.

Scott Rubin is correct. Some managers won the right to unionize in the previous administration. Others were left out such as employees of the Civil Service Commission, Senior Executive Service, and Managers who supervise other Managers. Perhaps we need to revisit some of the statutes that specifically exclude certain managers from collective bargaining. Many of these statutes were written decades ago before the current-day setup and problems were ever envisioned.

I like this idea. I think it should be available to all state workers, including unclassified employees. There are far too many state workers who have capped out of their title series and haven't received a raise in many years. Also, many unclassified employees are stuck at their salaries and take on additional responsibilities without receiving raises. It would definitely boost morale and increase productivity.

Scott Rubin, I am an unclassified employee and am not represented. I have to answer to people of two different agencies. Many of which don't know what I do or the particulars of my job, yet they decide how much I am worth. So not every employee is covered by the CWA's recent collective bargaining as we are not covered by State employee unions. Which was probably the whole point of hiring "Unclassified Service" positions.

I have always been told to receive a pay increase that I must find a different job. As job opportunities within the state go to favorites. If salaries can't keep up with inflation then experienced employees will leave. The whole point of working is so that we can live and support our families. I'm sure there are employees who's salary are so low that they require some form of assistance to get by. This idea will help the people who are struggling and stuck in positions lacking upward mobility.

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