Biometric Hand Scanner

Biometric Hand Scanner

What problem does it solve? The Biometric Hand Scanner eliminates a time clock. Assures the identity credentials, ID Document Issuance, and computer logon issues. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The solution is to capture unique details of the human hands, in a timely manner, to large groups of people in the work force. The multi-finger print scanning device requires all employees to wave the hand, when entering the building, office, or logging on the computer. This innovative device would be used by all employees. What is the anticipated impact? Advance time restraints when waiting on security clearance. Fast track to login methods for computers. Eliminates antiquated devices such as time clocks. The multi-fingerprint technology also conduct background checks on employees in the public sector.


This if a violation of privacy and in some cases religious beliefs. The safety of the chips themselves is also questionable.

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