Job Titles

Job Titles

What problem does it solve? Makes applying for jobs easier so employees get paid correctly and avoids confusion. What is your solution and who does it apply to? We need to find a way for Civil Service, HR, Supervisors, and employees to communicate better about positions open to apply for. At Ancora Psychiatric Hospital I had an interview for a principal bookkeeper clerk and medical services assistant positions. I was offered the principal bookkeeper position but I wanted the medical service assistant position. I was told that I was not able to get the medical service assistant position because I was not on the state list. This was confusing for me because I was able to get the bookkeeper position but I never did anything to get on a list. I think because the job title was on a freeze so it made it different to where there wasn't a list for the title but there is no clear communication about it. I also worked in the bookkeeper position as a payroll clerk while it was on freeze and after 8 months I was told civil service denied the title because you have to supervise 4 people and they don't have 4 people for me to supervise? What is the anticipated impact? Better morale for employees working. It would also be nice if someone looked into these issues to avoid confusion in the future. If someone is working in a title for a long time and it is on freeze and then gets denied from civil service, then someone needs to look into that so it does not happen again. If we could communicate to each other better then there would be less confusion and things could possibly go as planned.


civil service overall and job titles are out of date. the job descriptions are not the work, hence most people have a "working title" wouldn't it be better if the working title was the actual title? Also allow "professional' titles to supervise

Some job titles are archaic; others do not reflect the job function. What is a "paralegal technician assistant?"

Job Titles and working job titles do not match. Plus Civil Service creates generic titles that do not match what the agencies are doing. They also change job descriptions that have existed for years. That leaves the agencies scrambling to try to transfer and/or promote deserving employees.

Job titles do need to be updated also. Due to cutbacks in the years we do not have the staff to use the outdated titles and employees seem to do more than before. An update on how offices are run would work great to help that out. Better Communication between Civil Service, HR, Supervisors and Employees can make this happen.

Job titles need to be updated to reflect title and work! They also need to be automatically applied after years of service. Some titles are almost identical in description but differ due to years experience (ex: job title 1 needing 1 year exp and job title 2 at least 2 years exp). Currently a desk audit is needed to be considered to change or the title has to be open and available. If it is the same title and you have the years in, it should automatically advance and change over.

Can the CSC get rid of the non-competitive job titles? Many employees have years of experience & are told they are ineligible when they apply for a promotion because they are in a non-competitive title. These non-competitive title prevents many from moving up within any agency. Promotional titles for clerical aren't posted as often. It would be nice for employees to be able to apply for a promotion & not have to wait possibly another year because they are in a non-competitive title.

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