Postpone the Voting Deadline for this Competition!

Postpone the Voting Deadline for this Competition!

What problem does it solve? The amount of votes a proposal will receive will correlate to how long the idea has been out on the portal. If the values of two proposals are otherwise the same, an idea submitted on the date the portal opened on March 14th will amass a much greater vote count than one submitted close to or on the deadline of April 15th. What is your solution and who does it apply to? First, evaluate the amount of days that passed while the email that announced this competition was disseminated / forwarded from executives of each Department / Agency down to all the levels of employees. Second, if a significant amount of employees have still not received the email by now, then extend the submittal deadline by an appropriate amount of days ONLY for those affected employees. Third, determine an appropriate amount of days which will be a voting period ONLY. This period should be scheduled to commence after the final submittal deadline. What is the anticipated impact? The rules and deadlines of this competition will be fairer to ALL State employees, thus allowing the most popular ideas to be chosen to advance to Stage Two.


I have an idea/proposal I'd like to submit but was discouraged by links not working when originally looking for the guidelines. The addition sign symbols were not opening up to learn the specifics.

Agreed. There may be some great ideas out there that were just posted.

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