Get input from people who have to work with a made change.

Get input from people who have to work with a made change.

What problem does it solve? Relieves frustration from unclear, inefficient, or omitted information. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Too often things are put in effect with just input from supervisors on up. But if you ask them to do what their subordinates do or what problems do they face a lot, they can't fully do so. Although they may be smart and have past experience, they don't know some of the large or even small issues that could have easily been resolved if they would just ask the people that do the job. What is the anticipated impact? Less consumers complaining or asking questions which leads to less wasted time fielding complaints and questions. Thus more efficient use of everyone's time.


Susan Evans, this always has been an issue. And if the implemented the solution ends up falling short of expectations, the sidelined expert is called in to bandage the solution so it can limp along!

I am a firm believer in more information from different perspectives doesn't hurt anyone. The more information available will help policy decision makers form policies resulting in a positive outcome.

I fully support this idea. It's important that there is open communication amongst the policy "makers" and the policy "enforcers" to flesh out any possible concerns an idea may have before it's brought to fruition and implemented to the public. This would help reduce "glitches" and improve productivity as there would be less gray areas within the agencies as well as with the public.

this is long standing challenge for subject matter experts. it appears to many, that only outside influencers and stakeholders are "listened" to when creating policy and those who need to implement it are not consulted, thus devaluing their expertise and usually missing critical information. we are hired for our knowledge yet this knowledge is often left on the table or not invited to the table.

To further the point, there should be a committee assigned to keep abreast of the changes and report back to their individual groups accordingly. Many times a process may be changed in one area where another may not have "gotten the memo yet." This leads to further frustration amongst employees and confusion with our clients.

An electronic and anonymous comment/complaint system should be in place for each department in order for concerns to be taken seriously if they are not given attention upon initially addressing. Offices could run more efficiently if others were made aware of internal issues, especially if anonymity gives a voice to people who normally would keep things to themselves until they quit. Turnover gets expensive.

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