Implement Promotion Timelines for Unclassified Employees

Implement Promotion Timelines for Unclassified Employees

What problem does it solve? This solves the problem of brain drain through loss of knowledgeable State employees leaving for higher compensation in the private sector. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The State should implement, either through rulemaking or executive order, a required timeline for unclassified employees to be evaluated for promotion to a higher classification within their job titles (i.e. to be promoted from Attorney 3 to Attorney 2). This would have many positive effects, such as ensuring younger employees that there is a viable career track within State government that rewards positive performance. As it currently stands, these type of promotions for unclassified employees are entirely at the whim of their individual managers, which is poor for employee morale. The State should implement a uniform process, with mandated timelines for promotion evaluation, ensuring equitable treatment of all unclassified employees in the process. What is the anticipated impact? Long-term retention of key performers who possess strong institutional knowledge, along with a positive impact on overall employee morale.


This is a great idea! It would boost employee morale if there are better promotion opportunities.

I love this idea! I think it will encourage positive work performance while assuring that employees will not be left behind or forgotten about.

How about we allow them to be a part of the CWA bargaining unit and have their promotions negotiated rather than dictated.

fair point in allowing unclassified employees to be part of a union. Either option would be better than having at will employees who are forgotten about. So would you say that unclassified employee status should be abolished? Sometimes this "unclassified" classification is a way to save money because an unclassified title doesn't always have to fit the individuals skill set, education, or experience.

I think this would help employees who work for multiple agency's. For example, unclassified employees hired by one agency to provide a service for another. These employees must directly answer to an authority that does NOT pay them. The agency that does pay often know nothing about the job these employees perform. How can an employee advance when the people in charge don't know anything about an employees responsibilities, work performance, skill set, experience or certifications they acquire?

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