Knowledge Management and Cross Training (KM&CT) Platform

Knowledge Management and Cross Training (KM&CT) Platform

What problem does it solve? I believe knowledge is power and sharing of knowledge (Academic and Training) by the State Employees within the work environment will multiply the positive outcomes which will help to develop better Administrative and Customers Services approach. The knowledge management at Departmental and State Services level can produce cross training among various projects which will lead to enhance overall State of New Jersey Performance in all three distinct branches ( Legislative, Executive and Judicial). What is your solution and who does it apply to? Directive Knowledge Management and Cross Training provides solution to cover most of the challenges we face everyday at work or as resident of New Jersey. Our valuable NJ State Employees have enormous wealth of Knowledge and Experience, we need to direct that knowledge and Experience by providing Knowledge Management and Cross Training platform at each department/agency of the State branch. Although, we are managing Training Classes at Departments for Ethics, Cyber Security, Supervisory Role (Grievance/Discipline) etc. But these training classes are not offering real Problem Solving guidelines we are facing to complete our daily routine tasks/functions being State Employees or facing challenges to find effective and impacting solutions to bring innovation for our New Jersey residents. We need to establish Knowledge Management and Cross Training volunteer based committees to create synergy effect at our work and in our communities. What is the anticipated impact? With the establishment of Knowledge Management and Cross Training volunteer based committees. We will be offering long lasting knowledge sharing platform which will assess, define and direct the needs of Directors, Managers and Workers to offer in-house Cross Training without hiring additional external workforce to manage the services rather cross training platform will ensure to deliver/transfer knowledge by the platform enrollees based on needs across the department at multiple divisions/units. This team work environment/platform will provide multiple opportunities to cross train and coordinate potential co-workers based on their needs, roles and tasks they are interested to initiate and improve as well as if any Job rotation program is available based on Special Assignments.


Consider job share opportunities - two employees share one position. Each employee would receive 1 FTE salary plus their full benefits. Advantages: reduces salary admin. by almost 1 (consideration of cost of benefits and total compensation), addresses space availability, increase employee satisfaction.

Specifically for the Division of Taxation, branch cross training and sharing knowledge would return a more viable Division as a whole and promote team one-mindedness.

This idea in Feasible and do not require additional Cost because Human Capital is available in the form of State Employees and just need directives to create platform to multiply the return by channelizing the wealth of knowledge and experience carried by the all dedicated NJ State Employees to each other.

This idea will develop strong base to enhance diversity and majestic approach to bring equality and free of cost knowledge exchange among state employees from different cultural, academic, and training backgrounds.

Job Sharing: disadvantage of job sharing: culture issues; low salary/wages that currently exsist.

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