Connect disenfranchised to much needed public health care

Connect disenfranchised to much needed public health care

What problem does it solve? Given the health concerns in NJ such as the opioid crisis, high maternal/infant mortality, infectious and chronic disease, etc., it is critical that disenfranchised residents have public health services reinstated in the most financially efficacious manner. Specifically, connect economically disadvantaged and health challenged (at risk) NJ residents (in Atlantic City) to closet available public health services (provided by Atlantic County). What is your solution and who does it apply to? Potential Solutions for the Atlantic City PH / Atlantic County HD and disenfranchised residents conundrum: Discuss: a Jitney or Jitney like bus system from O’Donnel park to connect A City to the A County Health Department to run a regular schedule between the two points. Consider shared costs, funding from the affected public/private infrastructure, Hospitals, State, Federal and City contributing the funding to establish and provide the connection to available and reliable public health services. Current rates of health issues and current costs to funding sources (Federal, State, City and Hospital) would be established as a financial baseline for which to compare to monthly or quarterly financial accounting, in order to gauge financial impact. Additionally, the impact to health issues can be measured and evaluated. In the event the impacts are positive at a three-year benchmark, the program could continue to receive the funding stream in three to five-year grants. What is the anticipated impact? The anticipated impact could be a reduction in charitable health and other associated health care costs, assuming a better quality of life secondary to improved and reliable health care. This would likely provide a reduction in cost by reduction of burden to the Hospital’s Emergency Department (unnecessary use of an ED), the creation of 3 or 4 full time jobs in Atlantic City, the likely addition of job(s) for Atlantic County HD and most importantly, increased health care for an at-risk population, with (hopefully) a subsequent reduction in at-risk population over time.


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