Local Government Ethics Office of the Auditor

Local Government Ethics Office of the Auditor

What problem does it solve? Reducing the expense of local government and increasing the proactive/investigative abilities of the Local Finance Board, while auditing and educating local government officials in the requirements of New Jersey local government ethics and contracting requirements. What is your solution and who does it apply to? A potential solution includes any permutation of the following elements. A staff of at least 3 and as many as 10 to start, working in conjunction with the Office of the Attorney General, Division of Law's Community Affairs Section, and the Division of Criminal Justice, Corruption and Government Crime Section, and the Local Finance Board, who actively (and respectfully) audit local government entities to ensure compliance with the ethical and contractual laws of New Jersey. At the discretion of the State, this might be extended to addressing issues with local school districts rather than burdening State-wide entities with otherwise regional, or local education matters. What is the anticipated impact? The optimal result would be training and bringing local governments into compliance without the expense and negative ramifications of prosecution/administrative violations, developing and providing the requisite training to local officials as well as being subject matter experts in ethics and practical experts in trying cases involving ethical violations and corruption matters. Working in conjunction with DAsG is a force-multiplier, by assisting auditors, or even taking the lead in cases, in administrative and non-administrative forums and further ensuring a constant group of lawyers trained in ethical and anti-corruption issues.


This about an S-corporation election. I suggest making S-election automatic base upon Fed. S-election instead of asking a taxpayer to file NJ S-election . A system should be put in place that will trigger notification to a taxpayer/s if C files as an S. TP files CBT-100S and passed the income to the shareholder and the shareholder reported the income on NJ1040 are required to file CBT-100 and apply for retroactive S-Election. I have worked on many cases in this situation.

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