Bring Back State Office Recycling Program

Bring Back State Office Recycling Program

What problem does it solve? In the past, State offices used to recycle all aluminum cans and bottles. Now they are just tossed in with the regular trash. They also use to recycle paper that is dumped into the regular trash as well. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The State can gather all the aluminum cans weekly from all departments and sell them for scrap and put the money in the general fund. Paper can also be recycled within each county. What is the anticipated impact? It only adds more items to the dumps that will take forever to disintegrate.


And the custodial staff will need to keep recyclables separated. I worked in a State office where the employees had trashcans at their desks for regular trash and paper. The custodian would empty both cans into one large trashcan.

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