Step away from the paper world and into the digital world.

Step away from the paper world and into the digital world.

What problem does it solve? By utilizing the technology that we have at our fingertips to distribute information, the people of NJ would be able to work smarter and more efficiently. The days of being bogged down by an endless sea of papers would be a distant memory. We all know organization is key and by having vital information readily available and able to be distributed with the click of a button, we will be able to stay organized in ways never imagined. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Embrace the digital world that we find ourselves living in. Move towards distributing information solely in the form of email/scanner, where employees will be able to access it wherever they are. Ditch the printers and get your information across faster and easier through email or scanning. The State will save money on stocking paper, fixing printers, and hiring employees to mail out letters, to name a few. What is the anticipated impact? The flow of information would be just that-an easy, steady flow. Communication between agencies, as well as interagency communication, would improve. Employees could pull up crucial material from anywhere, better servicing client populations. The State would save the money it typically spends on paper-related products and yield the same results (or better!) if distributed electronically.


In my office, we have only a couple of printers for specific purposes. The majority of us need to use the Xerox copier for printing, faxing, scanning. This is a good idea. My caveat would be that the Purchasing Dept would need to acquire machines that can handle the volume of work rather than buy the lowest-priced product. The amount of downtime is ridiculous on our current machine, not to mention the wasted paper & consumables. I would also suggest a five-year replacement plan.

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