Refresh the Intergovernmental Transfer Program (ITP

Refresh the Intergovernmental Transfer Program (ITP

What problem does it solve? The problem was highlighted during a past Commissioner’s Townhall meeting, where a colleague during the Q&A session, asked about the strategy moving forward to fill critical vacancies. The response was that over the past 8 years, because of the number of steps (25) in the hiring process, and the many months of time that it takes to fill vacancies; there currently is an existing reliance on temporary employees to fill vacancies. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The proposal is to bolster the existing Intergovernmental Transfer Program by instituting an internal job board that will serve to align the critical needs of State Departments with employees that are seeking change, looking for a better match for their skill set, or desiring a more challenging position. The solution would also allow for employees whom desire other opportunities to voluntarily post their resumes as can be done on the mainstream job boards, and the federal governments employment site. This is a win-win solution. What is the anticipated impact? -Departments will be able to post job transfer opportunities both permanent and temporary. -Employees will have increased awareness and opportunity for transfer including State to State. -Departments will be able to readily identify current employees with the experience, skills, and talents that they are seeking. -Aligning employee interests with job tasks will increase job satisfaction and retention. -Increase worker utility -Cost savings by reducing the outside hiring process and need for temporary employment services.


How would this affect the option of a department not letting an employee go because they need them? My understanding is that this can happen if the employee is looking to make a lateral transfer but not in cases of advancement opportunity.

Will help boost morale because staff will feel they have an opportunity to take on more challenging positions. They will not feel "stuck" in a position.

The platform could also be used to post Department Projects that require multi-disciplinary teams and/or subject matter expertise from other Departments. This would reduce reliance on private consultant contracts to perform that work.

Often changing unit scopes can refresh someone on the edge of considering separating from the State. Allowing transfers could impact the ability to retain trained staff.

Question, What about the "unit scope" system. In Labor staff are often told they cannot apply for a position because they are in a different unit scope than the posted job. This often causes frustration and poor morale because staff may feel "stuck" in a position. Is it possible to do away with unit scopes or would that cause more problems ? I don't know.

This is an exceptional idea!

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