Mandatory Supervisory Training

Mandatory Supervisory Training

What problem does it solve? Supervisors or managers are sometimes hired into positions based on test scores or lack of other qualified candidates and are given little to no formal training. While the DHS Leadership Academy was an adequate course and provided some excellent tools, this was not mandatory for supervisors to take. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Prior to actively starting in their new positions, staff must complete a training session (either in person or in an online based environment) that adequately prepares them for their new role as a manager, supervisor and leader as well as educates them on administrative policies and procedures. What is the anticipated impact? Improved employee/supervisor relationships, decrease in grievances and disagreements.


This is imperative. Being good at your job or being a good at taking tests does not automatically make you a good leader. Mandatory supervisor training even as minimal as communication skills would greatly improve work relationships and performance.

I would want the training to be mandatory and in person, just to make sure the person did obtain the training. I have heard supervisors in the past say they wish they had supervisory training before starting their supervisory job. This training will help with communication between staff member and supervisor. The training is to include administrative rules and procedures. That will help the new supervisor or manager be more consistent in enforcing dept rules .

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