Reduce hotline wait time for callers with callback option

Reduce hotline wait time for callers with callback option

What problem does it solve? Many people become frustrated and irate when they are automatically placed on hold until a live representative is available to assist them. In some instances, callers simply hang up without ever resolving their inquiries. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Install a callback option, for all state hotlines and customer service centers, that callers can exercise whenever they contact customer service. The United States Postal Service currently utilizes that technology, for its 800 numbers, and it enhances customer satisfaction. What is the anticipated impact? Decreased wait times on the hotlines. Increased morale and satisfaction for the consumers of governmental services. It will enhance the efficiency of professionals, businesses, and their staff, when they need to contact the state, by preserving their time.


Good idea. I would like to see the system return calls in the order in which they were received, an option I have received when calling other businesses.

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