Unpaid Days Off

Unpaid Days Off

What problem does it solve? A high cost to the State is simply paying salaries. Giving optional unpaid days off to employees across the State would directly create excess funds to the State. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The solution is to voluntarily allow employees to take off during the year, and not be compensated for these days. This would apply to all branches of the government, while considering operational needs. What is the anticipated impact? The State would save millions of dollars. Employees who choose this option will be happy as it was their choice. This will contribute to an increased morale and higher productivity while on the job. If this option already exists, then it should be broadcasted better, so employees know this is an option.


This is a very good suggestion. It has no impact on current paid/earned time off (sick, vacation or administrative leave days). There are many employees who would appreciate extra days off, even unpaid to spend time with family. The savings in salary for people voluntarily taking this furlough time would benefit the state budget. This would have to be approved by supervisors with the understanding that it couldn't be approved if operations would be significantly impacted.

Why not take a look at the sick leave days? Employees are allowed to bank them over years. Then when they retire they get the money. Sick days should be for sick days only! Eliminating the carry over would save millions of dollars.

I don't agree with replacing admin leave days mentioned in other post.

If this is currently offered in all State departments, then it needs to be communicated to all employees on a regular basis. Staff are not aware of this.

I don't agree with this we work hard and should keep our paid days off.

I feel the given leave time should remain. Government employee should also be given the option to take up to 10 voluntary furlough days a year.

Another one of my peer's added that the savings to the State of NJ, can help lower NJ State Taxes for everyone.

12 unpaid days off per year for all employees would dilute the pressure on the Donated Sick Leave system as well as flood it with available days for the incredibly sick, increasing their security and relieving a stress point. These could even replace administrative leave days, and we wouldn't have to roll these days over.

Trading in 3 personal days to gain 12 additional days, on top of the sick days, vacation days we are already afforded. Simple trade really, build in flexibility that we don't have at the cost of 21 "paid" hours, hours that we lose if we don't take them anyway. 12 is greater than 3.

NJ offers this right now - the Voluntary Furlough Program: https://www.nj.gov/csc/employees/programs/furlough/

I don't believe this is offered to unclassified state employees.

Renee, I totally agree. Unfortunately, it is up to each agency's Human Resources staff to notify their employees. We at DEP are notified but I'm not sure about other agencies.

How would this benefit those employees who are sick and rely on the generosity of those that donate Paid time? How would this affect those that do not want to take unpaid days off?

My idea is not to substitute any earned days. Instead, employees will have the option to take off an additional 12 days per year, without pay, and these days off would not affect retirement in any way.

If this doesn't affect retirement it could definitely help those who are trying to squeeze in treatment for issues, or have child care issues. I think that we work hard all year long and constantly make tough choices to go out on leave or work through our medical issues. More flexible options can help employees and the state. Hey, what do we have to lose? If we don't use unpaid days off then we still then nothing changes. If we do use unpaid days off then the state saves some money.

I believe the state did have a program similar to this suggestion called an alternative work week program. This was abolished before I had a chance to experience the benefits. From what I understand employees used it when they needed extensive treatment for medical issues without going out on unpaid leave. It would definitely help those who have child care issues as child care is very expensive.

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